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8 Tips for Designing Better Kids’ Rooms

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Creating a joyful environment for your child to play and develop can be a pleasurable experience. However, it may also be a difficult task. After all, creating a beautiful, practical room that your kid will enjoy now and in the future is a challenging task!

Do you need any assistance? We’ve got your back. This practical roundup of swoon-worthy kid’s rooms and expert decorating suggestions is intended to help you determine your child’s present demands and future requirements, enabling you to achieve that all-important balance between practical and gorgeous. Whether you’re beginning from scratch or looking for ways to enhance an existing area, you’ll find plenty of ideas here!

Modern design kids room

1. Make it easy on yourself

In the case of children’s bedrooms, less is typically more. You’ll have more room to play, and a neutral canvas that can be readily modified as your kid develops if you keep the décor basic and the furniture to a minimum.

This charming yet straightforward Instagram post prioritizes playing by giving a large open floor area. Available storage enables well-loved toys to act as lovely décor, and a floor-level, house-frame bed serves as a play zone.

2. Concentrate on having fun

Try concentrating on what your child enjoys the most when designing a space for them: playing!

This charming Instagram find has an indoor swing, a ball pit, and a unique house-frame bed, all while remaining stylish.

Do you want to add a little whimsy to your design? Consider a blackboard wall or an easily updated art gallery where your child can show off their best work. A built-in rock climbing wall, bunk bed slide, or ceiling-suspended cargo net are other excellent solutions for stimulating play while also helping to burn off excess energy before night.

3. Maximize Your Child’s Available Space

Making the most of your child’s environment is essential, whether you’re dealing with a bit of area or a great imagination.

Cara Loren’s simple loft bed doubles the useable space in this clean-cut and contemporary kid’s room, offering a different play zone that can easily be turned into a reading nook or lounging area for a future tween.

4. Increase your storage capacity

Kids come with many things, from toys, games, and books to ever-changing clothing in numerous sizes.

kids room color 2 1

Do you need some assistance taming the chaos? Hooks, wall-hugging bookshelves, under-the-bed storage boxes, and furniture with built-in storage are all excellent storage solutions.

Installing a second rail in your child’s closet, as this little one’s impressive double closet from The Pink Dream demonstrates, is also a simple method to increase your storage capacity.

5. Experiment with Color

Children like color, but picking the correct one may be difficult. Sure, your child may enjoy all things hot pink right now, but that doesn’t guarantee they will in the future, and the prospect of repainting the whole room in a few short years is enough to make anybody question their color commitment.

kids room color 2
Experiment with Color

Are you on the lookout for a long-term solution?

Studio DIY has created a sensible compromise by incorporating a rainbow of vibrant items into a clean, neutral environment that can be easily modified when your child is ready for a new look.

6. Make Use of Pattern and Texture

Have you ever wondered what makes the kids’ rooms you see on Pinterest appear so appealing? It is probably due to the careful use of pattern and texture.

These essential decorating items, frequently overlooked, are a competent designer’s hidden weapon and can transform a place from bland to gorgeous with only a few new components.

Winter and D7.aisy’s stunning black-and-white nursery is a beautiful example, combining rich, tactile layers with a strong, graphic pattern to produce a well-balanced and aesthetically fascinating environment with no color at all.

7. Keep the little ones’ hands, and minds occupied

A kid-friendly work area is essential if you have a room. Providing a space for your kid to color and creativity can not only keep them entertained but may also aid in their physical and mental growth. When your kid is older, a personal workplace might be helpful in providing a quiet spot for your child to study and do schoolwork.

This cozy workstation for two, as seen on Instagram, provides plenty of room for arts and crafts and showcasing projects. It will easily convert into a homework station for an older kid since it is playful and sophisticated.

8. Provide a place for them to get away from it all

From time to time, we all need to go away. A reading nook is a great location to spend some quality alone time with your child and encourage them to cozy up with an excellent book!

This Instagram-discovered snug hideaway has everything you need to enjoy a rainy day inside. Take a minute to yourself or ask a buddy to join you. There’s even space for hugs!

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