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Do’s and Don’t’s of celebrity hairstyles

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Do’s: Go for a cut with volume so that your wide jawline is not noticeable. Consider, for example, different layers. Different colors (highlights) are also great for you and make your face a bit softer. Angled bangs with medium or long hair also look great on you. If you don’t have such hairs then try wigs for women

 Don’t’s: Straight bangs or a bob line that ends above or on the jaw. Make sure your hair is longer than your jawline and that it is not limp and hang around your face. It’s best to go for volume on your crown.

Celebrities: Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock, Keira Knightley.


Do’s: A bob, with a longer front and a short back, suits you vigery well. But a medium-length bob or long hair also looks good on you; go for layers and, for example, tuck a few of the front pieces backwards for a kind of ‘crest’.

Don’t’s: Avoid hair that hangs forward like bangs. This will make you lose your face shape behind your hair and make your face appear rounder than it actually is.

Celebrities: Julia Roberts, Mariah Carey, Blake Lively

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Do’s: Long and wavy hair certainly looks good on you. For example, go for lowlights on top and highlights underneath, so that your cheekbones stand out. Bangs will look great, especially if your hair is thicker. A bob is also fine for you, but looks best with wavy / curly hair and as long as the bob is no longer than your jawline.

Don’t’s: Avoid hairstyles that emphasize the forehead. Do not smooth your hair back and make sure there is not too much volume on your crown. In addition, your chin becomes very narrow and long. Just emphasize your cheekbones!

Celebrities: Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kim Kardashian


Do’s: The best hairstyle for a round face is longer hair to the shoulder or longer. Especially if you have wavy hair, you should leave it that way. Curls or blow in your hair ensure that the curves in your face are deflected.

Don’t’s: Avoid short hair hanging around your face. Also, make sure there is not that much volume at the ears and cheeks, as your face is widest here.

Celebrities: Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez


Do’s: Which edgy hairstyle works best for you? The asymmetrical bob! This style adds balance and makes your wide chin and narrow forehead appear more in proportion. A side parting also works well for you, because it makes your forehead appear wider. And in terms of volume? You better have that at the top.

Dont’s: Avoid short, blunt cut bangs and too many layers.

Celebrities: Renee Zellweger, Reese Witherspoon, Eva Mendes


Do’s: What looks good on you? A side part works best for you because it provides extra width. Also, make sure the volume is more on the side than the top of your head. You also like a short haircut with the hair behind the ears or a chin-length bob. You can also try hd lace wigs.

Don’t’s: Make sure there isn’t too much hair in your face, this will only make your face narrower.

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