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Ebooks Are To The Rescue Of Book Lovers Easing The Task Of Carrying Along Books

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Your holidays will be more enjoyable if you read holiday fiction. Every book enthusiast will identify with this statement.

The days of purchasing physical books and transporting them in your luggage to make your holiday errands and travel time more enjoyable are over. Today’s modern internet world provides numerous options for making your holidays more enjoyable through ebooks and audiobooks.

 The next-in-line question is where to purchase ebooks and audiobooks!

The Internet is awash with e-books and audiobooks. You can read ebooks online using a variety of apps on your electronic devices such as tablets, laptops, and mobile phones. Alternatively, you can purchase a Kindle ebook reader and read online your favorite romance, fiction, historical drama, or erotic short story.

From bestsellers to thrillers and self-care, you can read any genre of book or listen to an audiobook at any time if you are an audiobook fan.

The following is a list of the best holiday reads for 2021 that will ensure stress-free vacations.

These books span the genres of romance, crime, and friendship, as well as thrill, adventure, and literary reads, allowing you to immerse yourself in the pleasure of reading during your vacation, whether at home or on the road.

1) Lucinda Riley’s The Missing Sisters

This novel follows six D’Aplièse sisters as they search for the seventh, using only one clue: an image of a star-shaped emerald ring. They travel the world in search of the missing sibling, from New Zealand to Canada, Ireland, France, and England. And, along the way, they form a strong bond as a family.

2) Karen Swan’s The Secret Path

Tara Tremain, a trainee physician with everything on her side, appears to have it all until her fianceé betrays her in the most heinous manner possible. Ten years later, she finds herself in a situation where a critically ill child requires her expert assistance, and the child’s father is none other than the man who broke her heart a few years prior. Now, the book chronicles her professional and personal battles.

3) Elizabeth Macneal’s Circus of Wonders

This is the sequel to the Sunday Times best-selling debut, the Doll Factory.

The story follows Nell through various ups and downs in her life after her father sells her to Jasper Jupiter’s traveling Circus of Wonders. Later in life, as Nell’s fame grows, she loses control of her life story. The novel contains a great deal of action, which keeps the reader engaged.

4) Peter James’s Left you dead

If you fantasize about reading crime and thriller novels during the holidays, this novel will keep you on your toes.

Eden vanishes without a trace in the latest installment of Peter James’s award-winning crime fiction series. Niall, her husband, has been arrested in connection with her homicide. DS Roy Grace investigates the crime and quickly realizes that this is the most enigmatic case he has ever encountered, and the rest of the story unfolds as you read.

5) Zen Cho’s Blackwater Sister

With this book, you can escape into fantasy reading with a story about family, ghosts, and local gods.

This compelling piece will guide you through the dilemma of a young woman who is drawn deeper and deeper into a world of danger and family secrets.

For ebook enthusiasts, the sky is the limit.

For ebook readers, the book’s possibilities are virtually limitless. Subscriptions to ebooks make it easier to carry the essentials with you. Consequently, what are you waiting for? If you’re still unsure where to purchase ebooks, simply sign up for an ebook portal and begin pursuing your passion immediately.

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