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How to Choose The Best Exercise Bike Type

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Exercise bikes are, without a doubt, one of the most effective training techniques since they can help you burn a lot of calories while also working out various muscles.

Inappropriate exercises and badly constructed exercise bikes, on the other hand, may do more damage than benefit. This is why selecting a decent bike that meets your requirements is critical to get the most out of this equipment.

 Exercise bikes are one of the cheapest home-based exercise equipment and they will not take too much room in your house.

When you intend to select an exercise bike for you, establishing a budget is the first thing that you should do.

Once a budget is established, it is simple for you to evaluate different models under that budget and decide on a product. There are various things for you to consider such as brand name, warranty policy, and strength.


Many brands produce exercise bikes and the quality of these bikes also varies according to the brand name. Go for a recognized brand that is widely known for its excellent motorcycles.

Warranty coverage is extremely essential since you are paying a fairly large sum on these bikes. With solid warranty coverage, you do not have to worry about your equipment getting damaged in between.

You can’t manage exercise bikes that are overweight with ease, therefore it is suggested to stay for types that are not hefty.

Similarly, durability is also a consideration to consider. There are lightweight motorcycles that may not last long. So, be sure that the bike model that you are going to purchase has great durability and is made up of high-quality materials.

Do not forget to consider comfort and adaptability when you want to buy an exercise bike since many people focus on pricing alone and neglect these essential aspects. A decent exercise bike may cost anywhere from 200 to 300 dollars but you can’t expect the same for a simple 100 dollars.

Adjustable seats and handlebars are extremely essential for exercise bikes since there will be more than one person in your family who wishes to use your exercise bike and if this feature lacks, you will find it very hard to maintain comfort for all your family members.

Types of Exercise Bikes

There are generally two kinds of exercise bikes, upright and reclining cycles. However, a third type called dual action bikes are also available and these bikes include adjustable function.

Upright Bikes

Upright bikes are comparable to the ordinary bikes that we use for commuting. The bike may offer great exercise for your lower body and the results can be nearly comparable to a conventional road cycle.

However, you do not have to stress out your knees to receive the most advantage from this exercise program.

Most of these bikes come with difficulty settings and you may change the effort to a higher degree to receive optimum benefit from your exercises. However, a decent exercise program must be more than 30 minutes and for this reason, it is not essential to select greater difficulty levels to give an adequate workout to your body.

Recumbent Bikes

In recumbent bikes, you will be reclining back on a big bucket seat and your upper body will be in a more relaxed way.

Due to this great posture and the horizontal positioning of pedals, your legs will remain horizontal throughout your exercise, therefore you may receive the most advantage from your workouts. However, this workout plan will offer exercise solely to your legs.

Dual Action Bikes

Dual Action Bikes are upright bikes that come with moveable handlebars.

You may adjust the handlebar and seating posture in various ways so that a very excellent degree of comfort can be experienced easily. For people who are ready to give decent exercise for the upper body, this kind is ideal.

Choosing between upright and recumbent bikes

Choosing between upright and reclining bikes are more of a personal decision

Both bikes have their benefits and drawbacks but there is no question that they may offer you a wonderful chance to work out your body properly. Some key factors which are relevant for both models are:

Braking System

An electronic braking system is an ideal option for you even if this system costs a little bit more. The mechanical braking system is cheap but this requires regular maintenance and a large flywheel to achieve the desired results.

However, you may select various settings with an artificial braking system and the sensation is similar to real-life biking. Air braking does not give you the choice of adjusting resistance but it is extremely excellent to obtain a natural degree of resistance.

Pedalling Feel

For lesser versions, the inconsistent pedaling sensation is a frequent problem with increasing resistance. Make sure that the bike you are selecting has good free motion even at increased resistance.


Resistance of 250 watts is the minimum that you can find in many exercise bikes but for elite athletes, this should be at least 400 watts. Keep this in mind when your exercise goals are on an athletic level.

Saddle/Seat Comfort

For upright and recumbent bikes, you are going to spend a lot of time on them and the comfort of saddle or seat is extremely essential. Even with upright bikes, an uncomfortable positioning of your body may cause a lot of difficulties. Make sure that the chairs are extremely nice and give you great posture.


Even if the object you intend to buy has a guarantee term, it is important to examine the construction and search for incorrect welds and low-quality materials.

Most motorcycles will be showing the maximum amount of weight they can carry. Note down this and make sure that you and your family members fit within this group.

With these essential factors in mind, you may shop for an exercise bike and source the best model from an upright or recumbent type.

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